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Employer’s obligation to provide information

Employees are entitled to receive information about their employment conditions. Which information does this concern? When and how does the employee have to receive this information?

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Significant changes for entrepreneurs and employers

In the second quarter of 2022, there are again a number of changes in laws and regulations. This blog highlights the most significant changes for entrepreneurs and employers.

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3 tips for processing personal data outside the EU

Does your company save personal data of EU citizens outside the EU? In that case you also have to comply with the European privacy regulation, the GDPR. Even if somebody else processes the data for you. How do you arrange this?

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New rules for distribution agreements

Since 1 June 2022, new rules apply to distribution agreements. What are the most important changes for suppliers and distributors?

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Employer must pay for mandatory employee training

As from 1 August 2022, new rules apply to mandatory employee training. What measures do employers have to take to comply with the new regulation?

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Can you still agree on a prohibition on ancillary activities?

Employers are no longer allowed to prohibit ancillary activities of employees without any reason. But what can you, as an employer, do to prevent your company or your employees from getting into trouble because they take on another job?

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Personnel: Statutory minimum wage

The statutory minimum wage and minimum youth wage change every six months. What are the new amounts as of 1 July 2022?

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Is a management agreement an employment contract or a contract for services?

Do the new rules of the Supreme Court for the assessment of employment contracts also have consequence for management agreements? Case law has not decided yet. This can be seen from the judgments of the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal and the District Court of Midden-Nederland about the management agreement of the CFO of Volksbank.

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