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Works council

Representing employee interests is important to works councils, but the survival of the organisation is also of importance. Since we assist directors too, we are well-familiar with their preferences. We deploy this knowledge to approach cases effectively and strategically.

Our lawyers provide legal advice in Dutch, English and German. So if you are employed at an international company, Russell Advocaten is the right partner for you.

You can take advantage of the following services:

Legal advice

We can offer you, as a works council, among other things the following:

  • Advice and assistance regarding requests for advice and matters of consent
  • Advice in drafting and checking of documents, such as works council rules, arrangements for works council elections, works agreement or package of employment conditions
  • Advice on the relationship between works councils within a group or between the works council and a trade union.

You can bring us in at any time and, depending on your wishes, we can provide advice in the foreground or from the background.

Legal proceedings

Sometimes, conflicts cannot be resolved in mutual agreement. In this case, we can take the legal steps for your works council before the subdistrict court and the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.


As a works council, you will often have to provide advice on important matters under pressure of time. Especially, if there are several advice or consent issues at the same time, it is important to make sound and strategic plans so that no deadlines are missed or the works council will be confronted with accomplished facts. When does a consultation meeting have to be scheduled? How can the director be approached best? What kind of information is required? Our lawyers cannot just provide you with legal support, but also assist you with the strategy and setting the priority of action points.


You can also make use of our tailored courses and seminars for works councils. These courses can be held both on location and in our offices. We will gladly take note of your wishes and think along with you as how to meet them.


The works council’s decision during a reorganisation often has far-reaching consequences for both employees and company. Taking a decision in a reorganisation is a complex matter as there may be business economical, organisational, legal, and/or implementation issues. A reorganisation might also take a long time and it can be difficult to keep an overview. In addition, the role of the works council can be unclear due to the involvement of a trade union. Our lawyers can advise and assist you throughout the reorganisation process.

Pension plan

When adopting, changing or withdrawing a pension plan, the works council has to be consulted. Pension law is a separate area of law and requires specialist knowledge. Our pension law specialists will assist you getting through the consent procedure successfully.


Sometimes, communication between works council and director does not run easy because of a mutual conflict. By means of mediation a conflict can be addressed in order to find a solution. Russell Advocaten has a registered mediator. We will happily assist you so that negotiations can run smoothly again.