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Russell Advocaten represents, for instance, IT-companies, major international brands and the fashion industry in matters concerning the service they render in the Netherlands and Europe. We advise IT-companies on their day-to-day business operations, relying on our specific knowledge and affinity with IT law.

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Russell Advocaten is a member of the Vereniging voor Media- en Communicatierecht.

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Russell Advocaten focuses on entrepreneurs, director and major shareholders, managers, supervisory board members, affluent individuals and expats. We will gladly assist you on all fronts in your daily business operations. We provide legal advice, mediate between different parties and assist you in legal proceedings.


Our hourly fees are in line with the market. Costs due to third parties under the mandate (such as charges, bailiff’s costs and court fees) will be discussed with you in advance.

In addition, we are prepared to agree on fixed rates for certain services. Following a personal meeting with you, we will determine whether your case is suitable for this as this concerns usually cases that are relatively easy to understand from a legal point of view.

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We do not provide state funded legal assistance, what is referred to as “toevoeging”. You can find out whether you are eligible for a “toevoeging” on the website of the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand:


IT/ICT and intellectual property news

Our lawyers regularly publish blogs, newsletters, articles and books on IT/ICT and intellectual property. We also regularly organize seminars and workshops. Below you will find an overview of our publications and events.

  • Expats
  • Employment law and dismissal

17 June 2021: Employment Webinar “Tricky sickness issues”

17 June 2021

If your employee reports sick, this may raise many difficult questions. What are your reintegration obligations during the sick leave period? What are you allowed to record about your sick employee with regard to the privacy legislation? We answered these and other questions during a webinar. Watch the video!

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  • Expats
  • Administrative law and the environment

The Netherlands: Gateway to Europe

3 May 2021

The Netherlands likes to present itself as “the gateway to Europe.” And not without reason: excellent travel connections (Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Rotterdam Seaport) and a highly educated population speaking several languages.

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  • Fashion and luxury
  • Contracts

Contracts: How to restrict internet resale?

5 February 2021

Internet sale offers a wide range of possibilities to reach consumers, but how can suppliers control the Internet resale of their products? What is permitted? And what isn’t? What are the rights of your distributors?

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  • IT and ICT

EU-US Privacy Shield invalid: now what?

27 August 2020

The EU-US Privacy Shield has been invalidated. This means that companies need another legal basis for the transfer of data of EU citizens to the US. What are their options?

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  • IT and ICT
  • Corporate law

2020: Mandatory registration in UBO register

26 August 2020

As of 27 September 2020, each newly established or already existing company in the Netherlands must register its UBOs in the UBO register at the Chamber of Commerce. How does that work? And how is the privacy of UBOs ensured?

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  • Retail
  • Corporate law

The strength of Russell Advocaten. What do our clients say?

31 January 2020

Quality, promptness and personal attention is of paramount importance to us. Read in this newsletter the experiences of five clients. Why do they engage our law firm? What do they think is the strength of Russell Advocaten and, above all, what do they get in return?

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  • Fashion and luxury
  • Employment law and dismissal

Can you use fingerprint scans of employees?

12 December 2019

As an employer, you want to protect your company and company data as much as possible. This can be done, for instance, by granting employees access to the computer, cash register or company premises only by means of their fingerprints. Is that still allowed after the introduction of the GDPR?

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  • IT and ICT
  • Employment law and dismissal

Using algorithms in the employment relationship

11 October 2019

The use of algorithms carries the promise of objectivity. People assume that algorithm outcomes are “neutral.” This neutrality is, however, an illusion. Algorithms are not as unbiased as we think, and the risk of discrimination looms. Employers should be aware of the limitations of algorithms and have a plan for dealing with them.

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