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The administrative law specialists at Russell Advocaten provide assistance to large and medium-sized construction companies, project developers, real estate investors, municipalities, retail chains, and entrepreneurs. Our team of specialists combines real estate experience and up-to-date legal expertise.

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  • Subsidy Schemes
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  • Tenders
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  • Neighbour disputes, mediation

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Russell Advocaten focuses on entrepreneurs, director and major shareholders, managers, supervisory board members, affluent individuals and expats. We will gladly assist you on all fronts in your daily business operations. We provide legal advice, mediate between different parties and assist you in legal proceedings.


Our hourly fees are in line with the market. Costs due to third parties under the mandate (such as charges, bailiff’s costs and court fees) will be discussed with you in advance.

In addition, we are prepared to agree on fixed rates for certain services. Following a personal meeting with you, we will determine whether your case is suitable for this as this concerns usually cases that are relatively easy to understand from a legal point of view.

No legal aid (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand)

We do not provide state funded legal assistance, what is referred to as “toevoeging”. You can find out whether you are eligible for a “toevoeging” on the website of the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand:


Administrative and environmental law news

Our lawyers regularly publish blogs, newsletters, articles and books on administrative and environmental law. We also regularly organize seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs. Below you will find an overview of our publications and events.

  • Corporate law

Doing Good Well

13 January 2022

The partners at Russell Advocaten have been on boards of various charities for many years. We have started several initiatives for the professionalization of charitable work. In this article, I will discuss three of them: the post-graduate course Governing Charitable Funds, the survey of charity law in the Netherlands I have written, and finally how we can help charities that want to become active in the Netherlands and other European countries.

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  • Expats
  • Administrative law and the environment

The Netherlands: Gateway to Europe

3 May 2021

The Netherlands likes to present itself as “the gateway to Europe.” And not without reason: excellent travel connections (Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Rotterdam Seaport) and a highly educated population speaking several languages.

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  • Fashion and luxury
  • Administrative law and the environment

Punitive Damages: well-known in the United States but unrecognized in the Netherlands

24 June 2020

High punitive damages are one of the aspects of U.S. law that attracts a lot of attention. In the Netherlands punitive damages will not be awarded. What are the consequences for Dutch companies that are active in the U.S.? And for American companies that file a claim in the Netherlands? Priscilla de Leede of Russell Advocaten and Kathleen Hugo of U.S. law firm Mateer Harbert explain.

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  • Administrative law and the environment

Charity Law in the Netherlands – Edition February 2020

30 March 2020

Reinier W.L. Russell, LL.M. contributed the revised chapter on the legal framework of charity law in the Netherlands to the practical handbook Charity Law. A Global Guide from Practical Law, published by Thomson Reuters. This handbook provides a high level practical overview of the global charity law sector, covering 20 key jurisdictions.

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  • Retail
  • Corporate law

The strength of Russell Advocaten. What do our clients say?

31 January 2020

Quality, promptness and personal attention is of paramount importance to us. Read in this newsletter the experiences of five clients. Why do they engage our law firm? What do they think is the strength of Russell Advocaten and, above all, what do they get in return?

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  • Expats
  • Administrative law and the environment

Brexit: the implications

30 January 2020

Brexit is done. As of 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union with a deal. What will be the implications of Brexit for British people and their family members that work or live in the Netherlands or for those that are planning to do so after Brexit?

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  • Works Council
  • Administrative law and the environment

Is an employer allowed to monitor mailboxes of works council members?

10 December 2019

Members of the works council have the right not to be discriminated against when they perform their tasks as a member of the works council. But is an employer allowed to monitor mailboxes of other members of the works council if he suspects that the duty of confidentiality has been violated?

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  • Expats
  • Administrative law and the environment

Less restrictions to work for family members of expats

25 November 2019

Expats are permitted to work in the Netherlands. However, their family members are not allowed to work in the Netherlands just like that. They need their own permit. This will change as of 1 October 2020. What are the new rules?

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