(International) debt collection

Your invoices have not been paid? Russell Advocaten will gladly assist you collecting your claims, both at national and international level. We assess how to effectively incite the debtor to pay, we initiate the collection process and ensure that it runs smoothly.


When your invoices have still not been paid despite your demand letters, you can go to court. Russell Advocaten recommends prejudgment attachment before starting legal proceedings. This is to prevent the debtor channelling away his assets during the proceedings.

After the prejudgement attachment you will have to initiate proceedings on the merit. This is done by issuing a summons against the debtor. If the court will grant the claim in the proceedings on the merit, the prejudgment attachment will turn into an attachment under a warrant of execution. With a decision granting the claim, the bailiff can levy execution on the assets or goods of the debtor. With the proceeds – possibly after the sale by execution of the attached goods – your claim can be (partially) settled.

Russell Advocaten will gladly assist you in prejudgment attachment, initiating and conducting proceedings on the merit, and attachment in execution.

International debt collection

Russell Advocaten is a partner of Debitura, an international platform for debt collection services.