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Lease of business premises: the difference between 230a- and 290-business premises

Leasing 230a or 290 business premises? What do these terms mean anyway? And, most importantly, what are the consequences of this difference for lessors and lessees of business premises?

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Recommendation to Dutch Supreme Court: Return Crimean treasures to Ukraine

The dispute about the Crimean treasures is coming to a conclusion after nine years. As the advocate general has given his opinion, it is now up to the Supreme Court to give the final ruling in the Netherlands in this matter. Often the Supreme Court follows the opinion of the advocate general. What does this opinion entail?

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Government response to advice Buma Committee inadequate

At the last minute, in 2022, the Dutch government issued its response to the advice of the Committee Collection Netherlands (Buma Committee). What are the proposals? What consequences will they have for owners, heirs and collectors of art?

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Legal Top 2022

What was the most important and interesting legal news of 2022? Check out our top 10 posts from 2022.

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General terms and conditions: information obligation

The general terms and conditions you use do not apply just like this. A number of conditions must be met. One of them is that your contracting party has taken note of these general terms and conditions. How can you fulfil this information obligation?

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What are the consequences of the new Digital Second-hand Dealers Register for the art trade?

Will art dealers now have to be more concerned with administration than with their trade because of the Digital Second-hand Dealers Register? And what does this mean for the rest of their administration?

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Employer must pay for mandatory employee training

As from 1 August 2022, new rules apply to mandatory employee training. What measures do employers have to take to comply with the new regulation?

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Can you still agree on a prohibition on ancillary activities?

Employers are no longer allowed to prohibit ancillary activities of employees without any reason. But what can you, as an employer, do to prevent your company or your employees from getting into trouble because they take on another job?

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