Does a webshop fall under the rental protection for retail space?

That depends on whether customers can pick up orders in the rented property. If that is the case, then, in principle, the same extensive rental protection applies as for ordinary retail premises, catering establishments and pick-up and delivery services, where customers can purchase products or services directly. For instance, the lessor can only terminate the lease with a legal ground for termination and that termination requires the consent of the tenant or the court.

If the webshop is mainly a showroom where products can be tested that are sent after they have been ordered, in principle, the extended rental protection does not apply. The tenant can only invoke evacuation protection.

In case of a combination of both types of use the main use determines the extent of rental protection. According to the court, a pedicure who carried out treatments in the rented premises and also had care products sold through her online shop picked up from the premises, did not fall under the extensive rental protections for ordinary retail premises.