Are there exceptions to the obligation to continue to pay wages in the event of illness?

Yes. If your employee does not cooperate with his or her reintegration obligations, you can suspend or even cease the obligation to continue to pay wages, under certain circumstances.

You can also agree with your employee that there will be no entitlement to wages during the first two days of illness (‘waiting days’). On the one hand waiting days can create a threshold for employees to report ill. On the other hand they might stimulate longer absenteeism due to illness: Employees will remain ill longer than two days in order to receive wages. Waiting days do not apply in case of any sickness notification. Does your employee fall ill again within four weeks? In that case you are not allowed to deduct waiting days again: You must pay wages from the first day of illness.

If it turns out that your employee can no longer work, he or she can apply for early WIA-benefits. If your employee gets early WIA-benefits (IVA), you are allowed to deduct the WIA-benefits form the wages you must continue to pay.