What facilities is the works council entitled to?

To be able to function well as a works council, certain facilities are required. The members of the works council and of commissions are entitled to the following:

  • Things already present within the company, such as a meeting room, computer, filing cabinet, photocopier, telephone, etc.
  • A secretariat, if this is reasonably required for the performance of the works council’s tasks
  • Consultation of colleagues
  • Consultation of specialists
  • A minimum of 60 hours per year of paid leave, during working hours, for works council activities
  • A minimum of 5 days per year of paid leave, during working hours, for training. (Please note: A different number applies to members of the commission.)

Please note: Costs for training/courses and consultation of specialists may be related to an annual budget.

The director and the works council may expand these facilities in mutual consultation. To clarify for both the works council and the director what facilities the works council is entitled to, it is advisable to record agreements.

In addition to these facilities and provisions, members of a works council are entitled to employment protection.