Leasing: How can I terminate my tenancy agreement? And what about my landlord?

Tenants enjoy strong rent protection. Your tenancy agreement, therefore, cannot easily be terminated by your landlord.

A permanent tenancy agreement can be terminated by you or your landlord by a registered letter or a bailiff’s notification. When terminating the tenancy agreement, the applicable notice period must be observed. While you are not required to provide a reason for termination, your landlord does. The landlord can only terminate the agreement based on one of the limited legal grounds for termination. If you do not agree to the termination of the tenancy agreement by your landlord, he has to request the Dutch Court to terminate the agreement for the reasons mentioned in the notice of termination. Tenants can terminate the lease without a legal ground for termination.

A temporary tenancy agreement (up to two years), on the other hand, cannot be terminated by the tenant or the landlord before the end of the agreed upon term. After the term of the lease, the tenancy agreement automatically terminates, provided that the landlord gave written notice of the termination date somewhere between three months to one month in advance. Please note that the rules differ if your fixed-term tenancy agreement includes a so-called diplomat clause.

Any tenancy agreement can also be terminated by mutual consent or if one of the parties violates the terms of the tenancy agreement.