Leasing: Can my landlord increase the rent?

In principle, the lessor may increase the rent once every 12 months. A second rent increase within the same year is allowed only after improvements of the premises.

The Dutch government annually sets a maximum percentage by which the rent may be increased for the non-liberalized (social) housing sector.

This maximum rent increase is not applicable to the liberalized housing sector. If you have a non-liberalized tenancy agreement, this agreement usually stipulates which rent increase you can expect. You and your landlord are bound to the agreed rent increase and you, therefore, must pay this rent increase each year. However, if no such rent increase is included in your tenancy agreement, your landlord can propose a rent increase proposal. If you do not agree with the proposal, your landlord can go to court. The court may rule that the proposal is reasonable. In that case, you can either agree with the rent increase or your tenancy agreement will be terminated.