Buying: I have just bought a house and found a previously undetected defect. What can I do?

If you buy a house, you have an obligation of inspection. As a buyer you must investigate whether there are any defects. The seller, on the other hand has an obligation to inform you of all defects known to him that prevent normal use of the property. Sometimes there are hidden defects that were present during the sale of the house, but of which you were unaware at the time. In principle, from the transfer of ownership onwards, any hidden defects will be for the buyer’s account.

However, there are situations in which the seller can be held liable. For instance, if the defects are so serious that they do not allow normal use of house or if the seller has lied about defects or has tried to hide them.

If you discover hidden defects, you must contact the seller as soon as possible. If the seller does not cooperate in remedying the defect, you can go to court to enforce this cooperation.