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Three important topics to include in your employment contract under Dutch, US and UK law

Publication date 15 July 2021

Russell Advocaten is the exclusive member in the Netherlands of Primerus, the network of “the world’s finest law firms”. Our lawyers and the lawyers of Mateer Harbert in the United States have joined forces to write a series of comparative law articles. In these articles, we discuss important international subjects for you, as entrepreneur, from a Dutch and US American legal point of view. In this third article we have broadened our horizon and included our Primerus partner in the United Kingdom, Marriott Harrison.

Priscilla de Leede of Russell Advocaten, Mary Edenfield of Mateer Harbert and Ed Belam of Marriott Harrison discuss the most important topics to include in your employment contracts regarding the termination of the contract. There are some important differences to take into account!

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This article was also published in Stare Decisis, the magazine of the Young Lawyers Section of Primerus. Read the previous articles in this series:

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