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Right of inquiry: when is a request for an inquiry granted?

Before the Enterprise Chamber can grant a request for an inquiry, there must be well-founded reasons to doubt the correct policy or course of events within a company. When is this the case?

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1 January 2025: Dutch Tax Authority will enforce rules on labour relations

From 1 January 2025, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration is going to enforce the Deregulation of Assessment of Employment Relationships Act (DBA). How will this affect principals and self-employed workers?

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Statutory minimum hourly wage

The statutory minimum hourly wage changes every six months. What are the new amounts as of 1 July 2024?

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Right of inquiry: who can file an inquiry request?

When tensions run high within a company, potentially putting the company at risk, this may be a reason to go to the Enterprise Chamber to start inquiry proceedings. Who can exercise the right to file an inquiry request?

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Statutory director: the good, the bad and the other leaver

On the departure of a statutory director/shareholder, any participation in the company must also be settled. Then a discussion may arise about the value of this participation, depending on whether the director counts as a good leaver or bad leaver. What should companies and directors pay attention to when interpreting a leaver arrangement?

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The resolutive condition in an employment contract

An employer can include a resolutive condition in the employment contract. However, this can only be done in exceptional cases. What requirements must a resolutive condition meet? Is the employee entitled to transitional compensation when the resolutive condition takes effect?

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Right of inquiry: What are inquiry proceedings?

Within a company, disputes regularly arise between shareholders and/or directors. This can create situations that endanger the company. To resolve such problems, inquiry proceedings were created in the Netherlands. What do these proceedings entail?

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Legislative proposal on reform of non-competition clauses

The government has detailed its plans for tightening non-competition clauses in a legislative proposal. What are the proposed conditions for valid reliance on a non-competition clause? How will the proposal affect existing clauses?

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