Do I need a residence permit for my family?

EU-citizens as well as their family members (regardless of their nationality), in principle, only need a valid passport to enter and reside in the Netherlands. Non-EU citizens have to go through more complex procedures before they may be allowed to enter the Netherlands. While applying for your own permit, you can also apply for a residence permit for your family members.

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  • Do I need a residence permit if I change jobs?

    Work related residence permits (as a highly skilled migrant, EU-blue card holder or employer) have to be updated if you change jobs. If your residence permit is not job related, e.g. as a spouse or family member, there is no need to update your residence permit if you find another job.

  • My child was rejected from a school: What can I do about it?

    In some cases (primary and secondary) schools may reject your child. For instance, if the school is full or if you, as a parent, do not accept the school’s religious or philosophical beliefs.

    If your child is rejected, the school board will have to explain by letter why the school will not admit your child. Do you disagree with the rejection? Then you can submit a written objection within 6 weeks. The school board has to make a new decision within 4 weeks. Do you also disagree with this new decision? In that case you can go to court.